GreenBiz + IFC Cohort

Are you interested in unlocking more resources for your company's internal and external ESG goals?

Do you find yourself trying to tackle a $100M environmental, social, or governance issue with a corporate budget of $5-25M? Do you feel there must be a better way to steward your corporate dollars to tackle the world's problems, but are unsure of the next step? Learning about and applying financial innovation and impact investing can help you leverage your resources, solve problems, and make an impact on a grander scale.

Whether you are responsible for making change through corporate social responsibility, venture, supply chain, marketing, corporate treasury, or the corporate foundation, we invite you to join our Corporate Community and take the next step in your professional journey.

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We'll guide you to ...

  • Identify community resources and needs to increase your company’s local impact
  • Increase employee retention and loyalty by developing a pandemic or disaster relief program to quickly address short term, immediate needs
  • Utilize financial tools to reduce employee debt, increase wages and enable employee asset ownership
  • Source new customers, increase employee engagement, and increase community impact by developing a corporate social enterprise strategy
  • Address your company's climate initiatives and supply chain solutions with innovative sources of low cost capital.

Learning Objectives

  • Shift mindset from binary investments to Full Spectrum Capital
  • Leverage expenditures for greater impact within and outside of your company
  • Blend expenditures with other sources of capital
  • Identify and use available, appropriate tools to maximize impact
  • Map sources of capital and uses of capital
    • What kinds of capital and why? Identify types of capital available for impact investing and the opportunities to use capital differently
  • Design and implement Philanthropic Opportunity Scans and identify impact investing opportunities including
    • Debt, asset efficiency, social enterprises, and pay as you save
  • Build a repeatable process to apply across a portfolio
  • Understand and design recoverable grant and forgivable loan impact metrics
  • Identify deal flow strategies
    • Philanthropy Opportunity Scan, Impact Investing Giving Circle, Request for Impact Investments, Partners
  • How to transfer knowledge or extend education to grantees or partners
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